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Time-to-market is critical in a rapidly evolving marketplace, and R&D can often be time consuming and resource intensive. IPI can help you close that capability gap. At IPI, we embrace all aspects of Open Innovation. This means that we help firms go beyond their four walls by crowd-sourcing and searching the world for the best available technology, product, solution or business partner to help you boost your business and leapfrog the competition.

In short, we will help you drive business growth by connecting you to the innovation tools and partners that will enable you to access newer and better ways of doing things.
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Chitin is an important biopolymer that is converted to chitosan for use in many industries. The raw material from which chitin is extracted is typically shrimp/crab shells. Although chitin/chitosan is touted as a green material because it is recovered from waste crustacean shells, the global demand […]

The company's pressure mat can sense applied pressure and its corresponding position on a flat or curved surface. Its pressure sensing layer is constructed with multiple rows and columns of piezoresistive sensor points. The piezoresistive sensor’s electrical resistance decreases when a pressure is a[…]

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